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video maker gift history

From now on, all people who publish their videos on networks such as YouTube will be given prizes, which will include a list of people and their awards.

1. The video that you publish in the description of the video, you should put your referral link so that we can recognize how many people will not receive an award from one video.
2. Video with popular languages such as Spanish, Russian, English, Persian, Japanese, Arabic, etc. is acceptable. But if you can not record audio, English subtitles are also acceptable
3. Prizes range from $ 1 to $ 10 plus a number of minors. After sending the video link; We will give you a prize based on the number of views and the number of followers.
4. After at least 4 weeks, you can post a new video on your page again and receive a prize again (next round prizes do not include cash prizes)
maximum prize REWARD

10 $

RowID email video link reward others date
1 Www.jo... youtu.be 500 AKAcoin miner miner miner miner miner miner for free ,they will work 14 days 2022-05-30
2 vlad42... youtu.be 30000 AKAcoin miner miner miner miner miner miner for free ,they will work 21 days 2022-05-31