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top news :referrals system changed. 50% earn from your referrals : news or see your referral page

important news : We have prepared additional prizes for you. More information on this page : video gitfs

important news :2 miner add your can buy them from . this link for more information check news

important news :we connected to faucetpay so you can ask for withdraw just for 500 satoshi without any fee



Hi Happy New Year to all of you friends. Today, we have a good news and a bad news for you, which are further explained.
Due to the decrease in the price of digital currency, we have decided to review the economic ecosystem of the Akacoin site so that we can continue the progress with you. Therefore, we have made 2 big changes on the site, which are:
Reducing the income of the faucet (1 akacoin reduction)
Increasing the profit of referrals to 50% so that we can attract more users to the site


A new section has been added to the site.
This new section is for people who are interested in making videos and get reffrales . You can win many prizes by publishing your videos that you have prepared from AKAcoin site. In addition, you can see the awards received by the people who published their video from the section below.
Page link: video gitfs
In addition, a 10% revenue increase miner was added to the site in the miners section, which you can get for free. miner page


Hello to you dear ones, we made small but good changes on the site today, which are:
Ability to close the important news section at the top of the site
Put a timer inside the ranking page to know when the ranking ends. In the coming weeks, for transparency, we will also add user rating details to the ranking page.
tow miner added to our site :
1. From now on, you can increase your income by 10% by buying "offerwall minner2".
2.Tired of pop-up ads! You can block all pop-up ads with just 100 AKAclick.


Greetings to all the supporters of AKAclick site
After the changes in the ranking page and the increase in the number of winners, we decided to promote this section of the website more fairly . in fact, to prevent sudden changes in the ranking of users. Due to this issue, the following items were changed today
  • The points of the 'offerwalls' and 'Ern list' sections doubled, which means that from now you will get 20 points for each activity in these sections.
  • Lottery points decreased. In the new version, instead of 10 points, you will get 2.5 points for each ticket.
  • The UI section of the site was changed ,Cascading menu added to the site .
    A new offerwall has been added to the site and newer offerwall will be added to the site soon


    We plan to increase the site's ranking awards to 150 on 2022-04-25.
    Accordingly,the first 100 people will be given AKACoin and those between 100 and 150 will earn special miners as a prize. Remember these special miners are non-purchasable .


    Hello to all of you dear friends
    A new update was released today. Our decision is to make it easier for you dear ones to make your withdrawals with less money. That's why we decided to connect to the faucetpay site, and from now , you can make your withdrawals this way. As a result, the profile page and the impressions page were changed.
    It should be noted that withdrawals in this way are free and the minimum withdrawal in the following currencies has decreased.
    Bitcoin: 500 Satoshi
    DogeCoin: 4 DogeCoin
    TRX : 5 TRX
    All transactions in the faucet method have no fee


    The new update will be added over time:
    1. In the first step, the faucet section of users was reduced to 10 per day. This will be to control fraudulent users. But you, friends, do not worry because we have provided various ways for you so that you can use faucet as much as you want. Ways you can increase your faucet are:
  • Buy Miner: buy minner
  • Doing each OfferWall will give you 1 free claim
  • 2.The good news is that we have launched the miners section in a very basic way, and at this stage only 4 miners have been placed in this section, which will increase over time.
    The weekly awards section will change soon. These changes are summarized as follows:
  • The number of people receiving the award will increase
  • Minors will also be rewarded with weekly prizes

  • 2022-03-25

    Hello to all of you friends
    A big update is on the way. This update will include 2 parts and this update will be unveiled in April.
    1. Changes in the awards section
    2. The miners section will be added
    Hoping to increase prices and profits


    Hello, we are developing our site for you dear ones
    Today, we are proud to announce that a new section has been added to the site, and through this , you can purchase a lottery ticket. It should be noted that each ticket will give you 10 points and you can buy this lottery ticket only 10 AKAcoin por Ticket .
    Remember Only the first 3 people will be awarded.
    Note: Maybe in the future more people may participate in the lottery or the amount of points and prizes in this section may change. you can start buying lottery ticket from this link : lottery


    Hello, dear and constant companions of Akaclick As you know and you must have experienced, we already had a weekly award on the site. The situation developed in such a way that it became very difficult for the users to win weekly prizes Now we have decided to consider rewards according to the individual performance of users, which in the first step you can earn points based on the number of OfferWalls you have done. Rewarding is based on the number of OfferWalls you do each day By referring to section task page , you can check your status and earn your reward after reaching the required level. Good luck


    Hello dear users
    In the last update, we changed the reward of the referrals. In addition, in the task page , we have 3 prizes for inviting your friends to the AkaClick website.
    The list of changes includes:
  • Percentage of your affiliate in the OfferWall : 20%
  • Percentage of your affiliate in the faucet : 10%

  • 2021-09-01

    we lunch our new offerwall now you can earn more coin and more point from this feature .


    we add 2 new task you can earn 500 akacoin less than 5 minute .


    Until todate, withdraw with trx was one of the most widely used harvesting methods on the site, and if we want to be honest with you, this withdrawing method is also the best possible method for us, so to support the user who chose this withdrawing method t to earn free TRX , we decide to make withdraw free to make both parties happier u and us beacause we are a family


    we add ranking in our site . now u can gane point from any activity in our site . we will give u good price . start earn more and more point to become first in our ranking to earn more coin


    we will change our minimum withdrawal . new minimum withdrawal is 4 dogecoin


    new TASK added you can earn 500 coin from this task


    OfferWall is activated you can earn more coin


    AKAClick start